CUSF hourly predictor install

A few days ago i was introduced to the hourly predictor by the guys on #highaltitude IRC.
It is a handy lump of software that is built around the normal balloon flight predictor, however it runs a forecast for a launch at each hour of the next week.
This allows you to pick out the best date/time to launch.
The setup was reasonable to understand but the documentation pretty much consisted of a list of terminal commands.
I have put together a video outlining how to set this up in a vmware player virtual machine, going through each command and what (I think) it does.

If you find the video below useful, or have any other questions please leave me a message or find me on IRC (chrisstubbs) #highaltitude

I am slowly uploading a copy of the VM for people to download… so that will appear here shortly…. but might not work properly on other machines!

Instructions: cusf_install


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