HAB Flights

Flight Date Duration Altitude Payloads Other Equipment Recovered?
NSE1 20/04/2013 02:30 27462m NSE1, CHEAPO1 TK-102 GSM tracker, 808 camera Yes
CHEAPO2 05/05/2013 02:25 24438m CHEAPO2 808 camera, Cannon A530 Yes
CHEAPO3 14/06/2013 05:00 25610m CHEAPO R3 Pico payload board only YES! (sent towards Europe, lost to sea, found again on the island of Borkun 15 days later)
CHEAPO4 07/07/2013 ? 5420m CHEAPO R3 Pico payload board only Yes (Recovered near Dartford by Steve G0TDJ)
CHEAPO5 21/07/2013 ? ? (GPS Error) MONTY1, CHEAPO R3 Flying as backup for Matt Downs’ charity launch (gopro+trackers) Yes (Despite GPS interference from 808 camera)
CHEAPO6 25/07/2013 10:00 3830m float CHEAPO R3 Pico payload board only + 1xAA Boost No. Lost contact after 10 hours (flat battery)
CHEAPO7 24/08/2013 0:25 813m 🙁 CHEAPO R3 Pico payload board only + 1xAA Boost Yes. Balloon leaked
CHEAPO8 28/09/2013 0:45 6493m CHEAPO v4 With 1 AA on 100g pawan Yes
CHEAPO9 17/11/2013 3:02 24072m CHEAPO v4 With 1 AA on 100g pawan No – Disposable payload
CHEAPO10 29/03/2014 3:37 6082m CHEAPO v5 25g payload 4g free lift – leaked Yes
CHEAPO11 20/05/2014 2:17 26998m CHEAPO v3 With 3xAAA on 100g pawan Yes – By Amell
CHEAPO12 03/06/2014 2:22 5869m CHEAPO v4 25g payload 1.5g free lift – foil – burst/split No
CARS1/CHEAPO13 01/07/2014 >10:55 5400m CHEAPO v5 25g payload 1g free lift – foil No
EMF1/CHEAPO16 30/08/2014 >6:12 5758m CHEAPO v5 Foil – did not float, leaked. No
CHDK/SPARK/CHEAPO14 04/09/2014 1:54 >19000m CHEAPO v5, Navspark 1200g pawan with Canon camera Yes
JOTA1/CHEAPO15 18/10/2014 >2:55 >15699m CHEAPO v5 100g pawan No
24/05/2015 >2:55 32759m PITS/CHEAPO v5/Navspark/UKHASnet Hwoyee 1200g Yes
SXHAM1/CHEAPO18 31/05/2015 4:09 26690m CHEAPO v5 Pawan 100g No

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