TP-Link HS100 WiFi socket controller for Windows

I own a couple of TP-Link HS100 WiFi sockets.

When I’m using my PC, it’s a minor pain to have to unlock my phone, open the Kasa app, wait for it to finish displaying the infernal splashscreen, then turn on my socket.

What I wanted was a program sitting in the windows tray to control them. So that’s what I made. It’s in VB.NET. All you need to do is toggle a switch icon on your taskbar.

This is heavily based on the API research over at


  1. Log in to a cloud account in the Kasa app, and make sure at least one device is associated with your account. Give them names if it’s helpful.
  2. Download and install my program.
  3. Put in your Kasa account details and click the “update devices list button”
    The list should be populated with the details of each device you have connected. You can click each one and control it from this screen. Notifyicons will also be created in the system tray for each device.
  4. If you click the x (close) in the top right of the program, it will minimise to the tray.
    You can mouse over the tray icons to see their name, and click them to toggle the state. Right clicking any icon will open the menu again.
  5. I recommend you tick the “start in system tray” box and add a shortcut to the program in your startup folder.

Changelog: – 15/05/2018 – Fix errors when a device in your account is offline. – 23/06/2019 – New features: CLI mode. Copy ID to clipboard. Bug fixes: Better management of tray icons. Removed from alt-tab list when minimised to tray. – 25/06/2019 – New features: Start with Windows. Create on/off timers for devices. Automatically turn devices on/off on program launch/exit.

Download installer TPLink-HS100-controller-

Download source code from GitHub.

[GUIDE] Make windows taskbar always show an icon

[GUIDE] Command line interface

This program has no affiliation with or tp-link. I accept no liability for its use. This program is provided without warranty/guarantee.