NSE1 – Tracker v0.2

This is the second version of my Ublox6 NTX2 ATMega328 tracker.

It is built around the TinyGPS library and reports back its GPS Time, Coordinates, Battery voltage and Temperature over a 434.65Mhz RTTY radio link.

Tracker Specification:
Chip: Atmel ATMega328P-PU
Chip bootloader: Arduino
PCB Design: ExpressPCB
PCB Etching: Toner Transfer
Voltage Measurement: Voltage divider and 1.1v internal analog reference
5V Regulator: TS2950CT low drop out regulator
Transmission mode: RTTY, 50 Baud, 425mhz shift, 7-bit ASCII, no parity with 2 stop bits on 434.650MHZ
Antenna: 1/4 wave with 4 radials
Battery: 4x Energizer Lithium AA cells
Radio Module: Radiometrix NTX2 (From HabSupplies)
GPS Module: Ublox 6 (From HabSupplies)

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