Prusa Mendel RepRap 3D Printer

After having a interest in CNC machines for a while now, and playing around constructing things like my modified Cannon Pixma IP3000. I have decided to build a RepRap Mendel. This should be more successful than my previous CNC attempts as it uses widely available parts, and any special/custom parts i can download from and print on the RapMan 3.1 printer at college

I will post updates in the form of images of the build on my Flickr account

Great success! 3D printer is complete and working well: Flickr

Homing axis:

Time lapse of printing a “Footed Vertex”:

I was having troubles with my steppers jumping, i have now moved on to Sanguinololu electronics.
Trimming the current pots seem to help with jumping motor problems.

I have adapted several hot end designs in order to make parts as simple as possible to produce.


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