CHEAPO3 boards designed

I have just sent off the designs of CHEAPO3 to be manufactured by Hackvana.

CHEAPO3a - Copy


Thanks again to Upu for checking over the boards for me and helping with EAGLE.

4 thoughts on “CHEAPO3 boards designed

    • It is a Micro SD card reader from Molex, the part footprint is almost identical to the discontinued sparkfun microSD reader.

      • OK Chris,
        Thank you for the information.
        Why the tracker is a socket?
        The memory?
        What is to be recorded (write coordinates from the GPS and the camera can record or camera photo?

        • I added the SD socket to increase the possible uses for the boards.
          As I was having 10 manufactured I figured that with a microSD card option they could be used as standard GPS data loggers, or even data loggers for digital or analogue inputs. SD cards would be more useful than transmitting radio data between ground stations due to the poor line of sight.
          This way the boards can be either populated for use as a balloon radio tracker, or a GPS logger for a vehicle (or even a pet)!

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