CHEAPO v4 boards are here

Got some shiny new blue PCB’s in the post today. They are indeed smaller and lighter, but I have some soldering to do before we know if they will work!

Thanks to Mitch and Jenny at hackvana, keep up the good work!

9531630510_bef8942a53_b 9529171147_a60d11ef7d_b 9528868159_0a8f851ce2_b

9539710845_02140536d9_b 9539825559_5a054b7710_b

3 thoughts on “CHEAPO v4 boards are here

  1. Hey, this looks great. What part did you use for the .472F supercap in the last pic? Can you share the provider(Digikey, Mouser etc)? Thanks!

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