CARS High Altitude Balloon Launch 01 July 2014

Chris Stubbs M6EDF launched a High Altitude Balloon from the CARS club night at the Oaklands Museum on the 1st of July 2014. This page contains information on the flight of CARS1 for those interested in tracking the flight.

The flight started at 19:50BST on Tuesday.

  • 19:50BST – Flight launched from Oaklands Museum, Chelmsford
  • 23:05BST – The balloon has passed Maidstone, heading South, floating at 4,600 metres
  • 00:00BST – The balloon left the East Sussex coast, floating over the English Channel towards France
  • 02:50BST – This was the last packet received here in Southend, showing CARS1 halfway across the English Channel heading to France
  • 06:45BST on Wednesday morning, the balloon was still in flight, over France at 5,400metres, but no packets have been received as of 0720BST. Voltage of the single 1.5 volt battery has dropped to 0.7V, so CARS1 may be flying but no longer be transmitting.

The Flightpath

To see where “CARS1″ is, go to

CARS1 / Cheapo 13 as of 23:05 01 July 2014

Last reported position of CARS1 as of 0645BST 02 July 2014

Altitude achieved by CARS1 as of 0645BST 02 July 2014


The Frequency

As of 23:05 local, I’m tracking a very strong signal on 434.293MHz USB – Stations tracking at this time include G6GZH, G0TDJ, M0JCU, PB0AHX, G6SUQ, M6EDF, F5APQ, M0PSX, F1OIL, G4MYS, G7OGX, G8KNN-1, G8KNN, G8JZT, G0WXI, ASTRA_J, G0CXW_2, G8APZ

Receiving CARS1 data from Southend-on-Sea

The last packet received here in Southend-on-Sea was at 0354BST, but it continued to be tracked by others beyond that point.

Chat with Chris

As of 23:00, Chris M6EDF is in the High Altitude chatroom: – Just made contact to thank Chris for his talk and to confirm he’s very audible in Southend-on-Sea

High Altitude chatroom - chatting to Chris M6EDF

CARS-1 Launch Video

A short video showing the launch and the tracking of this HAB flight:


CARS-1 Photos

Pictures of the launch and presentation 01 July 2014 at Oaklands Museum, for the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society July Club Night…

CARS1, released by Chris M6EDF at the CARS club night

Watching the balloon head off at Oaklands Museum 01 July 2014

CARS1 on its way, one minute after take-off

Chris M6EDF starting his presentation at CARS

The CARS1 balloon and payload

Chris, showing the audience where the balloon had reached after 15 minutes of flight

The audience at the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society's July meeting

Chris M6EDF and John G1UZD, with CARS1 in the background on-screen

The CARS1 balloon and payload


For more on this, see CARS-1 High Altitude Balloon Video


Article by Pete M0PSX –

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