JOTA HAB launch

On the 18th and 19th of October I joined Steve Smith (G0TDJ) and Pete Sipple (M0PSX) at the Jamboree On The Air scout event in Basildon. We carried out two launches, a cheapo payload under a 100g pawan on Saturday, followed by Steve launching VAYU under a 36″ foil on Sunday.

My flight made it almost across the north sea before ditching in the water just short of the Netherlands.

DA13891_25 (Small)



Steve’s flight on the other hand entered a very nice float after being launched from the top of the climbing tower and made its way towards Sweden before running out of power.

JOTA1+2 B0TOg3mIUAEESu9.png large


Steve has done an excellent write up of the launch over on his blog:

As has Pete on the EssexHAM site:

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